Student Opportunities


Dance Unlimited Hosts several Master Classes a year. Check our home page and Facebook for upcoming opportunities!


Previous Master Classes Hosted at DU:

Gina Starbuck

Willis Johnson

Coleen Craig

Jessica Starr

Jesselee Santos

Dee Caspary

Dennis Caspary

Nick DiNicolangelo

Justin Lewis

Scott Hislop

Eddie Garcia

Tammy To

Tymme and Aury Reitz


Erik Sarapdon

Lynne Patton

Rachael Markarian

Roy Lightner

Kristin McQuaid

Meghan Way

Ivan Koumaev

Chris Jacobson

Joey Tarwater

Gregg Russell

Kim McSwain

Natalie Reid

Antonio Martinez

Jeremy Duvall

Nick Drago

Grant Chenok

Lyn Cramer

Dalton Harrod

Jeb Maddox

James Gregg

Laura King

Ray Hesselink

Looking For Assistant Teachers!

Ages 12 and up need apply. Please email Amy!


What a great way to share your talent and love for dance with others!