Please arrive at the studio early enough to put on dance shoes, and use the bathroom.


Arriving early is also great for some one-on-one time with your youngster. Although they are excited about dance class, it can be difficult to transition into the dance class setting…one-on-one time helps to alleviate some of this anxiety.


You do not have to remain in the lobby during your childs class time unless you feel more comfortable doing so. You are more than welcome to stay, in case they may need you to potty or for something else.


No skirts attached to leos or that tie on. These can become the full attention during class time and we like to only have skirts during "Trash Week"!


Names should be written inside of ALL dance shoes. 


Replace tap ribbons with elastic Tap Ties. If your tap shoes already come with elastic, you do not need to purchase tap ties.


Cut drawstrings about ½ inch and tuck inside of ballet shoes.


Jewelry and watches must be removed before entering the dance class. These can become objects that may accidently break or scratch another student, so we like to leave them outside the classroom.


Please remember that dance shoes are inside shoes…have special outside-shoes to wear to and from the dance studio. Concrete will ruin dance shoes!


Hair: In a bun, with bangs secured out of face.


Hair that is too short: Secure in 1 or 2 ponytails and clip stray hair out of face.


Viewing windows will be open during “Trash Week.” Which is the first week of every month and will continue to be open all month as long as the “window” is not causing too much distraction for dancers. Standing at the outside windows and waving or tapping on our inside window distracts the entire class and disrupts the classroom setting.


“Trash Week” is when your child may wear any color leotard and tights to class. They may also wear ballet skirts during trash week.


Please save costumes for Halloween week, as these can be very distracting to their learning.


Dance bag: should be packed with dance shoes, outside shoes, and Kleenex. No food or water.


Any medical problems and allergies must be told to the front desk and the instructor.


We recommend giving your child 1 month to get acclimated. At that time, should there be the need, we will set up a meeting with you to reassess the best options for your child. We want what is best for all of our students!