Policies & FAQs

Children and parents choose Dance Unlimited for various reasons. Some enjoy dance simply for the fun of it. It is exhilarating and very rewarding! Still, others see it as an avenue to build self-esteem and poise, as a means of expression of imagination and creativity, or as a route towards socialization and friendships. Whatever your reason, you’ll find it at Dance Unlimited. Dancing is one of the best methods for developing the mind and body, even at the young age of two.


It challenges and therefore, improves all six components of physical fitness: muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, body composition, and neuromuscular coordination. Dance also adds to one’s grace, self-confidence, sense of rhythm, appreciation of music, and overall conditioning. From an emotional, psychological, and social aspect, dance is very rewarding.

Even young dancers may find a healthy release of tension while exploring a sense of creativity and artistic empowerment.


In a classroom situation, students appreciate the value of working hard and maintaining self-discipline while learning the importance of respect and loyalty. In addition to exercising their body, dancers also challenge their intellect on both a kinesthetic and creative level. All dancers, whether young or old, will learn to dance in an ensemble and work as a team.


Whatever your goals, we hope to help you in your progress toward achieving them. Dance your way to a healthy body and a happy life!

Our facility consists of four dance studios and one acting/dance studio and a voice studio. We have a professional faculty and floating wood floors for long-term body/joint protection.

The Studio Opens at 3:30p

Please do not drop your dancer off any earlier than 3:30p.


Please make sure your children are picked up promptly after class. Younger students get very nervous when parents are not prompt picking them up. Students should not have to wait more than 5 minutes. Please remind your children not to go outside unless you are there!

Dropping Policy

If a student decides to drop a class after the LAST DAY of the month, there will NOT be any refunds issued. 

All drop forms must be submitted before 6pm on the LAST BUSINESS day of month.

Viewing Windows and TV lobby monitor.

In order to foster each dancer’s progress, please observe students thru windows or lobby TV. Students, especially those new to dance, improve at a more accelerated pace without the scrutiny and pressure of parents, peers, and other observers peering throughout the window.  The dancers can see you thru the windows.

Lost & Found

Look in cubbies for left items.

Those items, including dance shoes, not picked up will be donated to a local charity.

Stay Up To Date

All families should have current email address on their account in order to receive “need to know” important information from Dance Unlimited and Spotlight Acting.


All DU/Spotlight families are required to have a current checking account number listed on their on-line enrollment form.  All payments are electronic and accounts are required to be on auto-pay.

Training with Professionals

Dance Unlimited faculty is not only your Childs teacher but they are also STILL working professionals.  There will be times throughout the year that our faculty will have to miss due to rehearsals and performances.  There will be an appropriate sub provide for classes during those time.


When weather conditions result in local school closings please call the studio after 2pm, check our Facebook page, and check our website. If we close due to weather, classes will not be made up on a separate day, however we do want you to attend another class of the same level for a make up.  If any school cancels, that does NOT mean we will, so please check with us! Also, weather can worsen during the day and we may have to cancel when school does not. 90% of our faculty do NOT live in Edmond and may or may not be able to get to the studio when we have weather situations.

Our office hours are Monday through Thursday 3:30pm to 9:30pm. Phone messages are not checked Thursday after 9:00pm, and until Monday at 4:00pm.

The Dance Unlimited Student
Dance Unlimited Faculty encourages all students to progress at their own rate within a nurturing and supportive class environment. The director will notify a parent if their child is ready to move to the next level.

Dance Unlimited is a professional organization and dance education center.We respect our clients and trust that same respect will be reciprocated.  Each student’s best interest is taken into consideration in all decisions:please understand we want what is best for our dancers... all policies must be followed. All decisions made by Amy are final; failure to adhere to policy will result in dismissal. Dance Unlimited has the right to refuse any service. Disrespect to our faculty or staff will not be tolerated.