Children and parents choose Dance Unlimited for various reasons. Some enjoy dance simply for the fun of it – it is exhilarating and very rewarding! Still, others see it as an avenue to build self-esteem and poise, as a means of expression of imagination and creativity, or as a route toward socialization and friendships. Whatever your reason, you’ll find it at Dance Unlimited. Dancing is one of the best methods for developing the mind and body, even at the young age of three.


It challenges, and therefore improves all six components of physical fitness: muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, body composition, and neruomuscular coordination. Dance also adds to ones grace, self-confidence, sense of rhythm, appreciation of music, and overall conditioning. From an emotional, psychological, and social aspect, dance is rewarding. Even young dancers may find a healthy release of tension while exploring a sense of creativity and artistic empowerment.


In a classroom situation, students appreciate the value of working hard and maintaining self-discipline while learning the importance of respect and loyalty. In addition to exercising their body, dancers also challenge their intellect on both a kinesthetic and creative level. All dancers, whether young or old, will learn to dance in an ensemble and work as a team.


Whatever your goals, we hope to help you in your progress toward achieving them. Dance your way to a healthy body and a happy life!

About Dance Unlimited